"Regina Belle" Is Back With Her New Album In 15 Years “The Day Life Began”

Her Album Is Amazing
BHR Hollywood Reports........Regina Belle is a legend in the R&B game.

 This week she returns with her first R&B album in 15 years.

Belle talks ahead of the release of The Day Life Began, Regina shared lessons learned from over two decades in the business.

I never left secular music. That’s incorrect. I continued to do secular music at concerts.

Just at that point, I had a shift in my direction in recording because that was the time to do what I was doing. The thing that I’ve been really blessed with is a huge opportunity to minister to folk everywhere.

Regina Belle
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My job does not extend itself just in the church. I’m able to go into the club, I’m able to go into the arena, I’m able to go into the theaters.

 And it’s because God trusts me to go into these places and I can go in and come out the same way.

I’m not going to compromise who I am in Christ.

At first, I looked at it as a burden. I was like ‘Nobody’s going to want to hear an R&B singer talking about the Lord.’ But I was quite wrong.

 A lot of people are very receptive to what it is I have to say. And I think it’s because I provide them with an inside peek into my life. I’m a bit transparent.

    There are places where we are leveled out. It’s no Regina Belle-ism. 
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It’s not about the Grammy, it’s not about the fans, it’s not about the places I’ve been able to go.

 But there’s some very real issues in my life that place us all on the same level.