Actor "Columbus Short" And Girlfriend Karrine Steffans Has Tied The Knot

Is This True Are They Married?
BHR Hollywood Reports.........Karrine "Superhead" Steffans and Columbus Short are officially husband and wife, at least according to Karrine.

Karrine and Columbus have been shooting a movie together called #MeetTheShorts for a while now.

Karrine Steffans
But apparently some time ago they became “The Shorts” in real life.

According to Steffans’ Instagram page, Short is her everything.

She even went one step further in confirming her marriage to Columbus when someone in her comment section questioned their relationship.

 In a quick little clap back, Karrine stated, “Ma’am…this is my husband. Legally.

Try minding your business. Lord. You people.

So nosy but never know what you’re talking about.”