Singer Erykah Badu Remixes Kanye West New Song " Real Friends"

Will Her Fans Love Her Remix?
BHR Hollywood Reports........Less than two months after dropping her Black Friday mixtape But You Caint Use My Phone.

Erykah Badu gets right back to work on her next mixtape, This $h!t Too Easy.

Kanye West
On her first release of 2016, R&B’s high priestess cooks up a remix to Kanye West’s new track “Real Friends” mixed with Whodini’s ’90s classic “Friends” entitled “Trill Friends.”

As always, Badu keeps it real, calling out the fake friends: “Homeboys, see some of them we wish we never knew at all.”

"what up yeezy?" she wrote in a short SoundCloud description.

 It was recorded in Dallas, when she was "really suppose be recording something else."

She says it's from the forthcoming mixtape THIS $h!t TOO EASY.

And we hope that's the real title!