Singer "K. Michelle" Shows Off Her New Body After Her Butt Reduction Surgery

Will K. Michelle Be Back On TV?
K Michelle Butt Reduction
BHR Hollywood Reports.............Singer K. Michelle shows off her new body after getting a butt reduction.

K. Michelle  posted a picture of on Instagram on Monday showing her butt.

Back in November, K. Michelle kept it real and opened up about how she regretted inflating her butt to the size that she did.

She said it was keeping her from being taken seriously by TV and film executives.

K Michelle Live
Mainly guys who were too busy drooling over her butt instead of focusing on her as a professional.

K. Michelle noted in her Instagram post that she's not done getting her butt down to the size she wants.

but she's already feeling like herself again.

"Sometimes less is more.

 Not finished yet, but feeling liberated getting back to myself," she wrote.