Rapper 50 Cent Speaks On MMG Rick Ross "Black Market" Album Sales

 Rapper 50 Cent Speaks On MMG Rick Ross "Black Market" Album Sales
50 Cent Still Has Not Dropped Beef With Rick Ross 
BHR Hollywood Reports.........50 Cent just won’t leave his beef with Rick Ross alone.

50 Cent interrupted a This is 50 interview with former Remy Boy P-Dice to clown Rick Ross's Black Market album sales.

"Black Market, Def Jam, 34,000," he says, reading his phone. "Is that a rock or a brick?"

50 Cent suggests that his rival purchased 15,000 of the reported copies.
Rick Ross "Black Market"

"Anybody woulda panicked," he says of the sales figures.

“Is that a rock or a brick?” asked Fif, looking at his phone. “Thirty-four thousand, three-hundred, and eighty-eight copies, and you know they went and bought some. He had to buy some. Anybody would have panicked.”

Fiddy claims that Ross must have purchased 15,000 copies of the album after he saw that initial projections were at 20,000.

It’s the latest milestone in a long-storied beef between the two, reignited last month on social media after 50 posted a photo of a T-shirt with Ross’ tattooed torso on it.

Though it was deleted, Ross replied by making fun of his bankruptcy, which prompted 50 to reply with comments about his C.O. past and engagement to Lira Galore.
50 Cent

Ross fired back at 50 in a recent interview with the AP. “My homies are giving promotions, we’re empowering people. We are not firing and tearing down.

We’re not chasing behind actresses. We don’t get our booties licked,” he said in reference to Vivica A. Fox’s remarks about 50.

Rick Ross
“We live by principles. It’s a certain code of ethics. As men in our position, there will be problems, there will be disagreements, but as … kings, it’s certain things we don’t do.”

“If you don’t do that, then how do you stand a chance against the new, young, hungry talent?” he said.

“They doin’ everything we did from the start. They have hunger. I have discipline. When I focus, I can get to that point where I’m creating something that we all can appreciate.”