RHOA Star "Porsha Williams" Gets Into A Fight With Friend Jami Ziegler On Set

Will This Be Her Last Fight On The Show?
BHR Hollywood Reports........."The Real Housewives of Atlanta" casemate was involved in another physical altercation with a woman at a holiday party where the show was filming.

Here's how it reportedly went down.

Porsha Williams

We're told cameras were rolling when Porsha's good friend Jami Ziegler floated into the shindig on the arm of a man.

 And something about that man pushed Porsha over the edge.

Sources say Porsha first tried to get Jami booted from the party, but she left on her own.

Porsha And Jami Ziegler
We're told Porsha followed Jami outside, shoved her to the ground.

 Then started punching and pulling hair.

The fight was quickly broken up before cameras could catch up to the ladies.

 No injuries were reported and police were not called to the scene.

It remain unclear why Williams went into attack mode, but sources say she has issues with the man Jami brought to the party.