Rapper Nicki Minaj Has Released Her Cast For Upcoming ABC Family Series "Nicki"

Will The Show Be A Hit?
BHR Hollywood Reports.........The rapper and songwriter Nicki Minaj has said that the cast for her upcoming ABC Family series,"Nicki," has been selected.

“Fruitvale Station” actress Ariana Neal will play a young Nicki, a role “inspired by Nicki Minaj in her early years before she became a Grammy Award-nominated, multi-platinum superstar,” according to a press release.

Ariana Neal
“I literally cried watching her taped audition,” said Minaj, who discovered Neal after a nationwide search. “I demanded to meet her! 

Sat in a room with her teaching her how to rap by doing a beat on the table & forcing her to stay on beat! Lol.

 Then pulled out all the attitude she had in her lil body. Haha! She’s tough! 
Nicki Minaj
And so sweet & cute. #ArianaNeal #LilNicki Welcome to the family lil lady bug!”

But the biggest name on Nicki (besides, you know, Nicki) is Whoopi Goldberg, who’s been cast as Miss Marth,a character described only as “a neighbor.” 

Model Selita Ebanks—a.k.a the fallen phoenix in Kanye’s runaway video—will play Nicki’s mom, Grace; 

Wesley Jonathan (The Soul Man) will play Vincent, Nicki’s dad; and the fabulously named McCarrie McCausland (Army Wives, The Originals) will play her brother, Jaylen.