Brooklyn Rapper "Lil Kim" Announced Plans For 2016 New Album

Will Lil Kim's 2016 Album Be A Big Hit?
BHR Hollywood Reports.........Brooklyn rap veteran Lil’ Kim has announced plans to put out a new album in 2016.
rapper Lil Kim
Along with a new studio release, Kim also said fans could anticipate her touring the country soon.
“I’m working on a new album for next year.

 I put up a post not too long ago, I was at my old record label.

So, maybe, hint, hint. I got a couple tours that I’m going to be a part of. So just watch and wait.”

The Queen Bee, who came out as a surprise guest to perform with Mary J. Blige and Puff Daddy, explained that she’s working on a new album that she plans to release in 2016.

Chatted about motherhood and the upcoming holidays, and gave her opinion on Hillary Clinton’s bid for president.