BHR And Fans Are Sending Out Prayers For Tyrese Mother Who Is In Critical Condition

BHR And Fans Are Sending Out Prayers For Tyrese Mother Who Is In Critical Condition
Is Tyrese Mother Holding Up Well ??
BHR Hollywood Reports............Tyrese has asked his fans to come together in prayer for his mother, who is in critical condition.

The 38-year-old Grammy nominated R&B singer took to Instagram Tuesday to let his followers know how much he needed their prayer.

"Praying over every breath she takes. ... Our family needs you like never before," Gibson revealed. "Our beloved mother, she's all we have ... #PrayerWarriors we welcome your most sincere prayers."

Tyrese Instagram Post 
The news comes on the cusp of Tyrese’s victory against a woman who tried to take advantage of his ailing mother.

Author, Cynthia Banks, wrote a book about Tyrese’s mother and her alcoholism. The ‘Black Rose’ artist was not involved in the project and publicly spoke out about the author’s wrongdoing against his family.

Banks then sued Tyrese for defamation. The R&B singer was going to have to cough up $83k dollars, but on Monday it was announced that the case was thrown out.

We can only imagine the incredible stress Tyrese is under–defending his mother in court to standing strong by his mother’s side as she fights through her sickness.

"She's still in critical condition but she's doing amazingly better. I never seen this coming but I needed this SO bad.

Tyrese And His Mother 
I've been running around everyday hustling and never making time and God shook me to the core with this and slowed me ALL the way down," he wrote.

"Sometimes you have to stand still, think, process, analyze and internalize repeat. Father God I hear you. I hear you LOUD and clear. #Amen."

The entertainer is transparent with fans on social media, and previously spoke about the importance of submitting to Jesus Christ when you're famous.

"Fame is one of the biggest unspoken addictions — over the years I've learned and discovered that people will do damn near anything to get it. Validation is men's and women's silent killer," he wrote.

"When you love yourself deep within. When you fall in love with Jesus and you're completely submerged in Christ your heart and soul is fulfilled independent of what's in your bank account and where you are on the charts."

BHR Will Be Keeping Tyrese And His Beloved Mother In Out Prayers