The White House Announces $100 Million Initiative For Colored Woman And Girls

The White House Announces $100 Million Initiative For Colored Woman And Girls
Will Colored Girls And Women Get The Same appearance As Others?
BHR Hollywood Reports........An unprecedented move, the Obama White House is holding a summit on improving the conditions of a group that contributes much to this nation and yet is vulnerable and deserves our attention.

President Obama
The conference taking place today at the White House is called “Advancing Equity for Women & Girls of Color: A Research Agenda for the Next Decade.”

It is hosted by the White House Council on Women and Girls and the Anna Julia Cooper Center at Wake Forest University.

The meeting — which brings together academics and people from the private, government and philanthropic worlds — will focus on strategies to create more opportunities for people, especially women and girls of color, and to remove obstacles to success.

 Issues the summit will tackle include economic development, healthcare, criminal justice, vulnerability to violence, hip-hop, and the images of women in the media.
The White House

In addition to creating greater opportunities for women and girls of color, Jarrett emphasized the need to have more positive images for young girls to aspire to.

“From negative portrayals of women in hip-hop culture to images of women of color in leadership roles.

Our media and popular culture too often do not give girls of color a positive view of themselves or give everyone else a positive view of them and a vision for their future.

And that needs to change,” Jarrett said.