(Tim Wolfe) University Of Missouri System President Resigns Due To Students Protesting For Being Racially Profiled

Tim Wolfe University Of Missouri System President Resigns Due To Students Protesting For Being Racial Profiled
Will Tim Wolfe Resignation Do Any Good 
For  The School ?
BHR Hollywood Reports..................The University of Missouri system president Tim Wolfe resigned amid student protests against his handling of racial incidents on campus.

 “My decision to resign comes out of love, not hate,” Wolfe said. "Please, please use this resignation to heal and start talking again.”

Tim Wolfe
Wolfe’s decision comes during a tense time at the University of Missouri’s Columbia campus. On November 2, MU graduate student Jonathan Butler announced his decision to go on a hunger strike until Wolfe took his concerns, as well as the concerns of activist group Concerned Student 1950, seriously.

"Students are not able to achieve their full academic potential because of the inequalities and obstacles they face," Butler wrote.

"In each of these scenarios, Mr. Wolfe had ample opportunity to create policies and reform that could shift the culture of Mizzou in a positive direction but in each scenario he failed to do so."
Jonathan Butler 

Students camped out on MU’s quad to show solidarity with Butler, but the conflict came to a head when University of Missouri football players announced they would boycott games until Wolfe stepped down, which made national news.

For years, the University of Missouri has struggled with addressing race and diversity on campus.

In 2001, the university conducted a survey to gauge campus-wide attitudes toward diversity. Based on those findings, a chief diversity officer was appointed in 2005, but efforts to include a required diversity course in the school’s curriculum stalled out in 2010 and still haven’t been implemented.
University Of Missouri 

"People tend to focus on this very obvious act of racism, as opposed to the more subvert acts of
oppression which occur every day," former Four Front chairwoman ChaToyya Sewell told student newspaper The Maneater at the time.

Ugly incidents this school year include racial slurs directed to a black student who is president of the Missouri Students Association, racial epithets hurled at the Legion of Black Collegians as they rehearsed for a performance and the discovery of a swastika drawn with human feces in the restroom of a residence hall.