Master P Is Ordered To Pay "Sonya Miller" $16,574 Per Month In Child And Spousal Support

Master P Is Ordered To Pay "Sonya Miller" $16,574 Per Month In
 Child And Spousal Support
BHR Hollywood Reports........Master P (born Percy Miller) has been ordered to pay Sonya Miller $16,574  per month in spousal support and $10,473 per month in child support, for a grand total of $27,047 per month.

The star will also need to pay approximately $200,000 for Sonya's attorney fees.
Master P

As far as the living arrangements, a judge has ruled that Sonya has the exclusive right to live in the family's Calabasas home.
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The pair previously had a dispute over whether Sonya would be able to stay at the residence because Percy didn't want her partying there with her boyfriend and his friends.

The ruling on the child and spousal support payments are temporary, as Percy and Sonya are still adding up their marital assets.

The payments will most likely be adjusted when everything is sorted out.

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