Singer Jeremih Gets His Sentence After Being Arrested On His 28th Birthday

Will Jeremih Locked Up For A Long Time?
BHR Hollywood Reports..........Jeremih just got a late birthday present ... a sweet deal in his DUI case.

The singer pled no contest to one count of reckless driving, and the DUI charge was tossed.

As part of the deal, he'll have to complete an alcohol and drug ed course.

 He'll be on probation for 2 years.
The singer was pulled over on his 28th birthday back in July and spent the night in jail.


 The incident didn't stop him from hitting the clubs the next night.

Chances are he'll be back at it when he turns 29 likely with a designated driver.
Singer Jeremiah

The “Don’t Tell ‘Em” singer recently had his day in court and avoided jail by pleading no contest to one count of reckless driving before receiving two years of probation plus a mandatory alcohol and drug education class.

The Chicago native was pulled over by California Highway Patrol on July 17, which also happened to be his 28th birthday, and booked on a DUI charge.

 The “Birthday Sex: singer spent the night in jail before posting and being released on $15,000 bail the following day.

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