Rapper Jeezy Wins $5 Million Lawsuit Against Bestfriend Ellerbee Demetrius

Rapper Jeezy Wins $5 Million Lawsuit Against
Best friend Ellerbee Demetrius
BHR Hollywood Reports........Atlanta rapper Jeezy can continue focusing on music-making after dodging a hefty $5 million lawsuit Friday (October 30) in Georgia.

Young Jeezy 
According to reports, a jury pulled for Team Jeezy in a legal dispute over a man claiming responsibility for helping the “Snowman” blow up.

Ellerbee Demetrius, a man claiming to be Jeezy's bff since '95. Demetrius says he's the one who helped Jeezy establish himself in the music biz, and in return he said he was owed money from at least 4 of Jeezy's albums.

 Jeezy denies cutting ANY music deals with Demetrius, and says they're far from BFFs.

The jury agreed ... case closed.

Jeezy was in an Atlanta courtroom on Friday for his legal battle with Ellerbee Demetrius.