NeNe leaks Is To Return To Hit T.V. Series "Real House Wives Of Atlanta "

NeNe leaks Is To  Return To Hit T.V.
 Series "Real House Wives Of Atlanta" 
BHR Hollywood Reports..........After vowing to never return, NeNe Leakes is making her way back to The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

 Leaving the show earlier this year because of contract disputes, NeNe is coming back to the reality series that made her famous.

NeNe has worked out her problems with the powers that be at Bravo.

The executive producers of The
NeNe Leaks 
Real Housewives of Atlanta and NeNe have reached an agreement.

The new agreement allows NeNe to return with her new schedule, she is filming a new game show. They also paid NeNe an amount that she deemed right for her return.
Trip To Jamaica 

Leakes surprised the cast when she showed up to their retreat in Jamaica.

We're told none of the ladies knew NeNe was coming back and her surprising entry even left some of the ladies speechless. No small feat.

Real Housewives apparently asked NeNe to return because the show was too boring without her.

 If her return is as unexpected as they claim that could certainly fix the problem.

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