IRS Hits "Bottoms Up" Singer Trey Songz With $750,000 Tax Lien

IRS Hits "Bottoms Up" Singer Trey Songz With $750,000 Tax Lien  
BHR Hollywood Reports...........Artist Trey Songz Has Been Hit With $750,000 federal tax lien

The “Bottoms Up” singer owes the IRS $748,870.08 on his income from 2013. This was the same year he spent $35,000 a month to live in a Hollywood Hills mansion.

Trey Songz
Trey has as some explaining to do to the government as he was recently hit with a tax lien in Miami for $748,870 owed on his 2013 income taxes.

But Trey Songz isn’t Worrying about it; he has seemingly already paid off his debt. He posted a photo of a text conversation between him and his mother, who asked about the story.

He sent her a picture of himself making a sad face with the hashtag #whenugottadrop800.

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