Gun Fired Outside Of Rapper T.I. New Restaurant "925" in Atlanta

Gun Fired Outside Of Rapper T.I. New Restaurant "925" in Atlanta 
BHR Hollywood Reports........Police are investigating after a man was shot outside of an Atlanta restaurant on Sunday.

The incident occurred Sunday night when a group of men began arguing inside the restaurant on an upper deck patio.

 The patrons were thrown out, but authorities say the fight continued outside in the parking lot where one man was shot in the leg.

The victim reportedly fled the scene in a friend's Porsche, which was eventually tracked down by police.

Cops said they found the man bleeding-- and with a duffle bag with 240 grams of marijuana and $6,000 in cash.

Glen Rice Jr
Video shows the car making a U-turn and picking up the victim and continuing towards Peachtree Street.

Aftet the victim was picked up, he was dropped off at Emory University Hospital. Where he was then transported to Grady Memorial Hospital.

The shooting victim, identified by police as Glen Rice Jr, was arrested and charged with reckless conduct and possession of marijuana.

Glen Rice Jr.
 He gave no leads on the shooter (who is still at large), although the
incident was captured on the restaurant's surveillance cameras.

Rapper T.I. is an owner of 925 Scales, according to the restaurant's website. There is no indication that he was at the restaurant at the time of the shooting, or had any involvement in the incident.

 The restaurant had no comment.

Authorities said T.I. was not at the restaurant at the time of the shooting.
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