Peter Thomas And Bar One LLC Have Been Sued In Fulton County Court

Peter Thomas And Bar One LLC Have Been Sued In Fulton County Court
BHR Hollywood Reports.......RHOA 8 will feature Peter Thomas and Cynthia Bailey battling cheating allegations.

And while Peter Thomas and Cynthia Bailey battled false reports today erroneously claiming that they have separated – LALATE can exclusively report that RHOA is about to get even more heated.

Yes, Peter Thomas is about to head to trial, as RHOA filming continues for the franchise’s eighth season.

Peter Thomas
While it remains unclear if the Peter’s new troubles will be filmed, LALATE can exclusively report that, unbeknownst to RHOA fans, Peter Thomas and Bar One LLC have been sued in Fulton County Court. And that Peter’s trial starts this month, on October 13, 2015.

RHOA filming, in general, will continue until roughly December 2015.

Motion Picture Music, Inc is suing Peter Thomas, personally, and Bar One LLC, in Fulton County Superior Court, LALATE has exclusively learned tonight. That trial is now set for October 13, 2015. Cynthia Bailey is not a party.

Peter And Cynthia

But the witness list was exchanged between the parties on August 3. And is anyone else from RHOA on the witness list? Peter and Bar One are being sued by Breach of Contract.

 Since Fulton does not have e-filing, LALATE was unable to pull the complaint tonight.

Bar One was previously sued for back rent and temporarily closed.

The bar is said to be re-opening this fall.

It remains to be seen if Thomas' recent legal troubles will be captured on camera.

His trial is set for Oct. 13 and filming for "RHOA" will continue through December.

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