TV Host Steve Harvey Is Preparing To Walk His Oldest Daughter (Karli Harvey) Down The Aisle

TV Host Steve Harvey Is Preparing To Walk His Oldes
t Daughter Karli Harvey Down The Aisle
BHR Hollywood Reports...........Steve Harvey's oldest daughter, Karli Harvey, is tying the knot with her fiancé, Ben Raymond, this Saturday. Although it's an exciting time, walking her down the aisle is not going to be an easy task.

The episode, which airs today, will see the soon-to-be newlyweds share the details about their union and merging their lives.

 Viewers will also see Karli dish on living apart from her twin sister, Brandi, for the first time in her life and giving her famous dad the assignment of picking the song for their father-daughter dance.
Steve Harvey 

During the show, Steve gets emotional during the talk, explaining that he wasn't expecting it to hit him so hard.

"I didn't know i would be affected by it all this way, but I am," he said. "It's difficult to give your daughter away." Gotta love that father-daughter bond.

In advanced clips sent to ET from the couple's guest appearance on the Steve Harvey show airing Wednesday, the 58-year-old talk show host gets emotional when he tells his daughter that he wasn't expecting all of this to hit him so hard.

Karli Harvey And Her
Soon To Be Husband
Karli jokes to her dad that he has yet to do his "homework" of picking out a song for their father-daughter dance.

"Dad, I love you so much … I really, really appreciate you and I'm not just puttin' on, I love you and I'm so grateful, because you don't have to do this," she says after he reveals he has a perfect song in mind.

That's when you can see the tears begin.

"In all seriousness, I think that Ben is a fine man, I really do," Steve says. "I’m your father, so look, you know my story. I've gotten it wrong a couple of times, you know.

I just always set it up for my children that they could get it right and I try to help them pick someone that they could get it right with."
Karli Harvey

Karli's response is sweet and sincere.

"You’re an amazing dad," she replies. "No matter what. You are an amazing man. I wouldn't trade you for the world. I just love you so much."

A still emotional Steve took to social media on Tuesday to express his thoughts on fatherhood.

"Anyone can be a father but it takes a special person to be a dad," he tweeted. "Challenging all the fathers out there to start now."

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