Rev.Jesse Jackson Mother Passes away At The Age of 91

Rev.Jesse Jackson Mother Passes away At The Age of 91
BHR Hollywood Reports............Rev.Jesse Jackson Mother Passes away At The Age of 91.

Civil rights activist Rev. Jesse Jackson's mother, Helen Burns Jackson, died in a Greenville, South Carolina, hospital on Monday, according to Jackson and a family friend. She was 91.
Jesse And Mrs. Helen Jackson
Helen Burns Jackson’s life will be celebrated Sunday and Monday at Springfield Baptist Church in Greenville.

 The same church where she sang in the choir and from where her son, the Rev. Jesse Jackson, set out from on foot as he marched to the Greenville Public Library as part of the “Greenville 8” in a civil rights protest on July 16, 1960 against segregated libraries.

A public viewing will be held from 4-6 p.m. Sunday followed by a celebratory musical at 6 p.m. at Springfield Baptist Church, 600 E. McBee Ave., Greenville.

Funeral services will be held at 11 a.m. Monday, also at Springfield. Watkins, Garrett and Woods Mortuary is attending.

Jackson, who had been in declining health for several years, died Monday at Greenville Memorial Hospital.

BHR Wishes Condolences To Rev.Jesse Jackson And His Family And Friends.

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