"Look At Me Now" Artist Chris Brown Wins Joint Custody Of His Daughter "Royalty"

"Look At Me Now" Artist Chris Brown Wins Joint
Custody Of His Daughter "Royalty"
BHR Hollywood Reports.............Chris Brown has been in a custody battle with the mother of his daughter, Royalty, and the singer won joint custody in a Houston court Friday.

Chris Brown just scored an enormous victory in his child custody war with his baby mama. He got joint custody of Royalty, and he gets to take her home today.

Brown and Nia Guzman squared off in a Houston court Friday morning.

Royalty And Nia 
 She not only wanted to deny Chris any custodial rights, she also only wanted to give him supervised visitation.

The judge disagreed and we've learned Chris and Nia will share 50/50 physical custody, with Royalty going back and fourth every 4 days. Both Chris and Nia now live in L.A.

Nia's legal team has a positive outlook on the hearing. We're told they see it as merely a temporary victory for Chris, since there will be a mediation in weeks to come and child support payments will be addressed.

Also, Chris agreed that his mother would always be present when he has custody of Royalty.

While it seemed like Brown and Guzman were cordial at the beginning, their relationship quickly soured.

According to reports, Guzman was seeking $15,000 per month in child support in addition to the supervised visits. Soon after, Brown went on a Twitter rant slamming Guzman for using their daughter as a "meal ticket."

"Some men my age run from their responsibility as fathers. I embrace mine. Just sucks that some females use children as meal tickets," Brown tweeted.

"Using a child as leverage is never ok. The highest praise to the men who actually want their kids."

Based on the "Loyal" singer's Instagram feed, he's nothing but a doting father.

Chris And Royalty 
 He posts adorable photos of his little girl regularly, with captions that call her the "best thing" in his life. He also refers to her as "Queen Royalty."

A source told reports earlier this summer that Brown saw Royalty all the time, even though Guzman was based in Houston.

When Brown and Guzman were getting along, the source said that he wanted "Nia and the baby to move to California to be closer to him." Eventually she moved.

He has been with his daughter plenty throughout the summer, taking her on tour with him and even throwing her a birthday party on Father's Day.

Family and friends celebrated with pony rides, two cakes and other inflatables. Adults enjoyed time on a giant basketball court where they could play an assortment of games.

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