"Daddy's Little Girls" Star Idris Elba Will Soon Be Playing James Bond In New Movie

"Daddy's Little Girls" Star Idris Elba Will Soon Be
 Playing James Bond In New Movie 
BHR Hollywood Reports...........Now that Daniel Craig has shot his fourth movie as the international secret agent, his time as Bond is drawing to a close.

And while the fans of the films, especially lovers of the modern incarnation, have a favorite successor, it’s been hard to sway the powers-that-be.

Idris Elba 
Earlier this month, the author responsible for the official Bond franchise novels said Elba was "too street" for the role, setting off an entirely understandable online kerfuffle (which Elba himself handled with class on his Instagram account).

Idris Elba
But it got us thinking: What if? The casting idea was entirely hypothetical, but we couldn't help fantasizing about making it a reality.

So we got video artists Diane Bullock and Mike Schuster to put together a trailer for the upcoming Daniel Craig–led Bond spectacle Spectre with Elba as 007. Bask in the results.

Now, to answer our prayers, the remix team over at Vulture have given us a fictional Bond trailer starring Elba.

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