Rapper Tyga Get's Fined Because Of Using Too Much Water !

Rapper Tyga Get's Fined Because For Using Too Much Water !
BHR Hollywood Reports..........Kylie Jenner, boyfriend Tyga, David Hasselhoff and Dr Dre have all been named as the latest batch of celebrities to be slapped with a hefty fine over their water usage in Los Angeles, California.

They are known for their wild lifestyles that play fast-and-loose with the rules, but it seems one aspect of celebrities' excessive existences is fast catching up with them.

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Kylie Jenner, boyfriend Tyga, actor David Hasselhoff and rap star and businessman Dr Dre. have all been named as the latest batch of LA celebrities to be slapped down over their water usage.

California currently has strict water regulations in place to help deal with a crippling drought there, but it seems these famous figures have failed to keep up with the program.

It is not known how much the celebrity pair were fined, though the amounts will likely seem paltry to the rich and famous, ranging from $100 to $500

In records revealed by Reports, Tyga's $10.2 million, 12,000-square-foot Tuscan nouveau villa and Kylie Jenner's $2.7 million, 5,000-square-foot Mediterranean mansion were both cited for using too much water.

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California residents, celebrities included, are only allowed 15 minutes of outdoor water use two days a week, with no runoff ending up in the street or on adjacent properties.

While the data collected by reports did not reveal how Tyga  breached the code, the were recorded as having to pay a fine because of a breach.

David Hasselhof and Dr Dre. were also among those named as having violated the strict rules

The fine itself, a mere $100, acts simply as a slap on the wrist.

Things get slightly more serious for breaking the code four times, as the amount jumps to $500 - though still paltry by celeb standards.

However, for five breaches, the water supply to a property is cut off entirely, which is more likely to make people pay attention.

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Nobody has yet had their water cut off,.

The Las Virgenes Municipal Water District has been cracking down on excess water usage in recent months, with Tyga and Kylie's breaches recorded in June.

The district has recently hired a private security firm to patrol the streets 24/7 looking for breaches, as California and Nevada look to cut down their water usage by 30 per cent.

In the first month of patrols along 203 violations were discovered, compared to 455 in nine months prior to the new contractors being taken on.