Rapper 50 Cent Releases New Single "9 Shots"

Rapper 50 Cent Releases New Single "9 Shots"
BHR Hollywood Reports...............The 2000 shooting that left 50 Cent with nine bullet wounds became an infamous story line early in his career.

 He’s talked about it in his lyrics plenty of times, but with his new single, he takes a renewed approach.

The first release from his long-awaited album Street King Immortal.
50 Cent 

 Over the Frank Dukes-produced beat, he reflects on the pain in his life including the time he was struck by nine bullets in a 2000 shooting, his drug-dealing past, and break up with his high school sweetheart (“Love didn’t last long”).

“It’s a metaphor for nine painful moments,” explained 50 while debuting the song live in New York earlier this week.

His album SKI is due later this year. “It’s a little more versatile than the projects I’ve made in the past,” he said.