NBA Star Chris Bosh Now Has To Pay His Baby Mama $2 Million For Getting Her Fired Off Of Reality T.V. Show Basketball Wives

NBA Star Chris Bosh Now Has To Pay His Baby Mama $2 Million
For Getting Her Fired Off  Basketball Wives 
BHR Hollywood Reports..........Chris Bosh’s baby mama has had enough of him harassing her and attempting to maliciously bring her down … and she has headed back to court demanding the NBA star be on the hook for up to 2 million dollars extra in her legal battle with him over allegations he got her fired from Basketball Wives.

Chris Bosh 
Allison Mathis is revisiting her 2011 counter suit lawsuit against Bosh and demanding $2 million in punitive damages.

She argues that Bosh interfered with her television deal when he filed a lawsuit ordering that the reality series be banned from using his name.

He also blocked Mathis from ever appearing on the show, as he believed the opportunity would infringe on his trademark and publicity rights.

Allison Mathis
Mathis, who was axed from the show prior to the start of production, says the dismissal cost her $250,000.

 New court documents show she is asking to amend the complaint to include the punitive damages, which in Florida can be up to $2 million.

Chris Bosh 
Mathis claims Bosh has harassed and intentionally blocked her financial opportunities since their split, which was before their daughter was born in November 2008.

Mathis and Bosh have a history of legal disputes.

In 2009, the pair went to battle over custody and child support issues and only recently settled in court. Her most recent lawsuit says Bosh pays $2,685 in child support, despite making millions in the NBA.