Married To Medicine Star Jill Connors Was Arrested For Family Violence And Cruelty To Children

Married To Medicine Star Jill Connors Was Arrested For
Family Violence And Cruelty To Children 
BHR Hollywood Reports..........Jill Connors, of Bravo’s "Married to Medicine," was arrested earlier this month for family violence and cruelty to children.

The document filed by authorities states that the trouble began at the couple’s home after the reality TV star’s husband, Dr. John Connors, read his wife’s text messages and concluded that she was cheating on him.
Jill Connors (Left)

The two began to argue, and Dr. Connors threatened to leave her and take their children with him.

Jill And Her Former Husband
Dr. Connors claimed a livid Mrs. Connors threw a spoon at his face and began scratching him on his chest, arms and neck and punching him in the face.

While he called the police, his wife reportedly grabbed a kitchen knife and started cutting her arm and chest while screaming, “He’s cutting me!”

When police arrived, Connors told them, “I hit him. I started it, I know.”

 She also said her husband had cut her, but when authorities asked for an explanation of what transpired, she said, “It all happened so fast, and I don`t know how it happened. I do not know where the knife is,”.

Jill, Toya, And Heavenly 
Connors was booked into Alpharetta jail on Aug. 14 for cruelty to children, since the entire ordeal reportedly happened in front of the couple’s two kids.

 She was released the next day and filed for divorce on Aug. 19, according to reports.

Jill Connors was added to the "Married to Medicine" cast in its third season, which premiered on June 7 and is currently airing.

 She guest starred on the previous season of the show. Bravo did not immediately return to the  request for comment.

According to Reports, Jill Connors filed for divorce on Aug. 19