"Former TV Judge" Judge Joe Brown Has Begun His Prison Sentence For Contempt Of Court

"Former TV Judge" Judge Joe Brown Has Begun His Prison
 Sentence For Contempt Of Court 
BHR Hollywood Reports.........Former TV judge Joe Brown is now in custody in Tennessee. He has begun serving his five-day jail sentence for contempt of court.

Brown turned himself in Thursday to Shelby County deputies.

Brown was charged with contempt after an outburst in Juvenile Court in March 2014.

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In a ruling issued Aug. 14, the Tennessee Supreme Court denied Brown's application to appeal a Court of Appeals ruling that had upheld the sentence handed down by Magistrate Judge Harold Horne following a verbal exchange with Brown

.On March 24, 2014, Brown was briefly jailed for an outburst in a Shelby County Juvenile Court officials said he caused an outburst in the courtroom while there representing a client.

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Magistrate Judge Harold Horne initially sentenced Brown to one day in jail, but upped the sentence to five days after a verbal exchange with Brown, who was representing a client.

During the spirited debate with Judge Home, Brown asked, “Excuse me, on what authority do you sit, by the way?

 This tribunal on a General Sessions Court’s authority is insufficient to establish you. Therefore, I challenge your authority to hear it. ; This is a circus, sir.”

The video was edited to remove the name of Brown’s client and released to media. Brown contended it was manipulated.