Hip Hop Model Amber Rose Wants To End Beef With The Kardashians

Hip Hop Model Amber Rose Wants To
 End Beef With The Kardashians
BHR Hollywood Reports.........Amber Rose reflected back on her epic feud with the Kardashians this past spring, saying in a new interview that the entire spat involving Khloe Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Kanye West, and Tyga "shouldn't have gone that far."

Black Chyna And Amber Rose 
Kardashian commented on how the feud began when Rose called out Tyga for leaving Blac Chyna and dating Kylie.

"I just feel like it was unnecessary for her to say anything, and I used her own quote back," the 31-year-old reality star explained of the fight's origins.

"What I thought was crazy was she was telling my sister to act a certain way or have a curfew, but [she wasn’t] doing the same. So just don’t comment."

Kim K. and Kanye W.
She recently told reports that she really wants to make peace with the Kardashians and leave the past in the past.

She says:

“I feel like everything was extremely misunderstood. Listen, I met Kylie before, she was actually a really sweet girl, I was very surprised as to how nice she was to me. And I wasn’t coming at Kylie.

 I was coming at Tyga on behalf of my best friend, Blac Chyna.

“So, for me to say, ‘Yeah, she should probably go to bed,’ maybe was in poor taste and I understand that,” she admitted. “But I feel like that should have been more of a phone call that Khloé could’ve had with me. She could’ve called me.
Kylie J. And Tyga 

We run in the same circles. She could’ve gotten my number for sure.

“I want to just end all—it’s hard for me to be a feminist and still have those loose ends. I really don’t want argue with those girls. It’s not that serious to me.”

Rose has even reached out to the family to join her this fall for her "S*ut
Amber Rose 
Walk,"  Critics claimed that Rose only "f---s" rappers, which prompted the model to respond with a detailed message about how she was once in love with her exes Kanye West (now married to Kim Kardashian) and Wiz Khalifa.

"I have never been torn down so bad by WOMEN Lol Wtf???" Rose wrote on Instagram.

 "I'm having this Slut walk for all of us to not get torn down by men and instead of u girls researching exactly what a S*ut Walk is ur just calling me a Slut smh we need to do better."