The Banks Has Started The Foreclosure Process on Ex-NFL Player Terrell Owens Home ....

BHR Sports Reports.........Terrell Owens and his San Fernando Valley house are parting ways one way or another -- either he's gonna unload it, or his bank is gonna snatch it so they can sell it.

Terrell Owens
According to recently filed documents, Owens is in default the first step toward foreclosure on the 4,250 sq. ft. home, and still owes $905,417.06 on the place.

The Sherman Oaks property is a two story 4,250 square foot home situated on a corner lot. The porch is wrapped around the property line.

Terrell"s 2 Story Home
The flooring is of French oak leading to individual bedrooms with separate bathrooms.

According to reports, Terrell Owens, a future NFL Hall of Famer has a net worth of $0.

 It is estimated that during his NFL career, the wide receiver had earned around $70 million.