Rapper Lil Wayne Gets Booted Of Private Jet For Smoking Marijuana

Rapper Lil Wayne Gets Booted Of  Private
Jet For Smoking Marijuana 
BHR Hollywood Reports..............Lil Wayne was kicked off a private jet recently, because he wanted to smoke weed during the flight.

The jet was flying out of a Fort Lauderdale, Fla., airport when the 32-year-old rapper decided the rules didn't apply to him.

Lil Wayne 
It is unclear where they were headed, but right before the plane took off, Lil Wayne told the pilot he wanted to smoke during the flight.
The pilot made it very clear that this could not happen.

 He and his entourage wanted to smoke on the flight, but the pilot wasn’t down with that. Obviously, Weezy and the crew didn’t listen and sparked up their sticky green anyway.
Lil Wayne 

The pilot was clearly not in the mood to do deal with them. Shortly after takeoff, he turned the plane around after being in the air for 17 minutes and landed back in Ft. Lauderdale.

Considering his past with the purple drank, this probably should not have been his drink of choice.

Back in 2013, he was in the ICU in critical condition after suffering multiple seizures, most likely caused by sizzurp because doctors found high amounts of codeine in his system.