Rapper 50 Cent Testifies In Court And Now Must Pay An Additional $2 million To Lastonia Leviston For Sex Tape release

Rapper 50 Cent Testifies In Court And Now Must Pay An
Additional $2 million To Lastonia Leviston For Sex Tape release 
BHR Hollywood Reports............Rapper 50 Cent  must pay an additional $2 million in punitive damages to a woman featured in a sex tape the 40-year-old posted online, a jury decided Friday.

Previously, the rappe had been hit with $5 million in damages in the case.

“The jury saw  through the lies and punished Mr Jackson,  we are so happy for Lastonia, she deserves this,” Leviston’s lawyer, Hunter Shkolnik.
50 Cent 

Leviston had accused the rapper of posting a sex tape of her online, presumably to humiliate fellow rapper Rick Ross, with whom Leviston has a child. (The video depicts Leviston with another man.)

This week, Jackson testified in Manhattan Supreme Court that his flashy lifestyle is largely an illusion.

The rapper told the court that, after posing for pictures with flashy vehicles and accessories, “I take the jewelry and the cars back to the stores,”.

Lastonia Leviston
Jackson also downplayed his income from record sales, claiming, “I make 10 cents a record,” and said that he’s only made in the area of $150,000 from each of the first two seasons of the Starz drama “Power,” which he executive produces.

During that court date, Jackson’s lawyer put his client’s worth at $4.4 million, prior to the $5 million award levied against him.

While the jury was weighing how much Jackson would be ordered to pay his sex-tape victim, he revealed he only owns three gold chains and that his plastic watch is a Casio G-Shock, according to the New York Post.

Jackson testified: 'Those cars were rented.

'It's like music videos, they say action and you see all these fancy cars but everything goes back to the dealership.'

Even though a recent appraisal estimated the rapper's worth at $150 million, Jackson claimed he is $28 million in debt and even owes nearly $2,000 to his own grandfather.

50 Cent 
Jackson had admitted that the bankruptcy move was just at attempt to stall the lawsuit payout.

Leviston, 33, said she was devastated when she found out the personal video was posted online and viewed more than four million times.

'It was like someone had just took a knife, stabbed me in the heart, twisted it and took it out,' she said.

Jackson did his best to mend fences with Leviston and impress the jury by apologizing to her in court during his testimony.

While looking directly at her, he said: 'I'm sorry if you feel like I hurt you.'