Rapper 50 Cent Files Bankruptcy After Rick Ross Baby Mama Wins $5 Million Over Sex Tape !!!!

Rapper 50 Cent Files Bankruptcy After Rick Ross Baby Mama Wins $5 Million Over Sex Tape !!!!
BHR Hollywood Reports..........50 Cent is no longer getting money. The rap mogul has filed for bankruptcy, three days after Rick Ross’ baby mama won a $5 million verdict against him.

 Lastonia Leviston
A jury awarded Lastonia Leviston the judgement after determining that 50 intentionally leaked a sex tape in which she was featured, in order to embarrass his rival Ross.

50 has been ordered to produce proof of income and worth so the jury can determine punitive damages.

The disclosure would have given a rare glimpse into his financial background.

50 Cent 
The 40-year-old rapper, Curtis James Jackson III, filed for chapter 11 protection in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Hartford, Conn., on Monday, the same day he was supposed to appear in a New York state court to determine whether he owes punitive damages in a 2010 lawsuit filed by Lastonia Leviston, rapper Rick Ross’s ex-girlfriend, court records show.

Lastonia Leviston
Jurors said last week that Mr. Jackson should pay $5 million to Ms. Leviston, who said that Mr. Jackson violated her privacy by posting a sex tape of her online.

Mr. Jackson’s lawyers dispute the amount of the verdict.

The skeletal, five-page bankruptcy petition didn’t reference the lawsuit. Generally, filing for
bankruptcy protection halts lawsuits and collection efforts.

Last year, 50 lost a court case in which a jury fined him $17.2 million for ripping off his SMS Audio headphones design.

The bankruptcy filing comes as a surprise as the hip-hop tycoon had a reputation for being among the wealthiest in hip-hop. Earlier this year, Forbes estimated his net worth at $155 million.