Protesters Ask Rock Mogul (Kid Rock) To End His Association With The Confederate Flag "Rock" Tells Fans To Kiss His A**

Protesters Ask Rock Mogul (Kid Rock) To End His Association With
 The Confederate Flag but He Responds With Not So Positive Comment !!!
BHR Hollywood Reports............Fans are coming after the Rock
Star Apparently, former rap-Kid Rock has frequently used the Confederate flag as the backdrop to his performances, but following the Charleston church shootings last month, protesters are asking the musician to terminate his association with the flag.

Michigan’s chapter of the National Action Network recently held a
protest outside of the Detroit Historical Museum, which currently has “The Kid Rock Music Lab” collection on display, because of the singer’s use of the flag.

Rock responded via conservative champion Fox News with a message as clear as day.
Kid Rock 

“Please tell the people who are protesting to kiss my a–,” Rock said flatly.

Since his heyday as an artist in late ’90s and early 2000’s, Rock has left his hometown of Detroit and since moved to Alabama and befriended staunch conservatives like Ted Nugent and toured with the likes of Lynyrd Skynyrd, both of whom make no secret of
Ted Nugent 
their love for the Confederate flag.

Thus far, unlike the Bill Cosby backlash where people are dropping ties with the embattled comedic icon left and right, there are some like the Historic Museum, who aren’t ready to completely distance themselves from the controversial artist just yet.
Kid Rock And Stevie Wonder 

”The Kid Rock Music Lab is one of 10 permanent exhibitions at the Detroit Historical Museum,” the museum told Reports.

“Kid Rock’s contribution to Detroit’s music history is significant and warrants his inclusion along with other key figures like Stevie Wonder, Bob Seger, Aretha Franklin and Eminem.

There are no displays of the Confederate flag in the Kid Rock Music Lab or anywhere else inside the Detroit Historical Museum.”