Rapper Meek Mill Calls Out Drake Claiming He Dosen't Make His On Raps

Rapper Meek Mill Calls Out Drake Claiming He Doesn't Make His On Raps
BHR Hollywood Reports.........Nicki Minaj is not the only one going off on social media today. Her boyfriend Meek Mill made some incendiary claims against Drake on Twitter, accusing him of not writing his own rhymes.
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“Stop comparing drake to me too…. He don’t write his own raps!” said the Dreamchasers rapper. “That’s why he ain’t tweet my album because we found out!”

Before that, he took a jab at SB, Nicki Minaj’s ex-boyfriend, pointing out the fact that while he was in hiding Nicki Minaj was flirting with Drake and Nas in music videos was weird.


Reminding the public that Nicki Minaj is not the reason for his current success–Meek just sold over 300,000 copies of his new album, Dreams Worth More Than Money, in 11 days, despite an extended jail stint and just a 5-day pre-release announcement.

Meek has previously teased the same line on Twitter, which means it could be from an impending song of the MMG signee.

In this case though, his behavior seems a bit fishy, doesn’t it? Sound off in the comment section at the foot of the page and let us know if you believe his words were aimed at Drake.

It would be a shame if these two industry friends start a feud over a girl.  Ironically enough, Mill recently teased his own remix of the Toronto native’s “Energy,”

 Which will land on his upcoming mixtape.