The View Co-Hosts Raven Symone And Whoopi Goldberg Defends Elisabeth Hasselbeck'sClaiming Black People Are Sensitive

BHR Hollywood Reports.........While discussing Elisabeth Hasselbeck's controversial questioning of the Sandra Bland case.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck
 "The View" co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg and Raven-Symoné came to her defense, arguing that Black people are simply "sensitive."

Raven Symone
Hasselbeck, during a segment on Fox News, wondered if Bland could've used her cigarette as a weapon, suggesting that maybe the trooper who arrested her was within his right.

Fox & Friends host Elisabeth Hasselbeck got some passionate support from an old friend for a recent question she asked that turned into a Twitter frenzy.

 On Monday morning, Hasselbeck asked a former NYPD officer if it were possible that Sandra Bland could’ve used her lit cigarette as a weapon against her arresting officer.

 Bland apparently committed suicide in jail outside Houston, Texas after being taken into police custody for a small traffic offense.