Lil Kim Baby Father (Mr. Papers) Is Ready To Take Legal Custody Of His Baby Girl (Royal Reign)

Lil Kim Baby Father (Mr. Papers) Is Ready To Take
Legal Custody Of His Baby Girl (Royal Reign) 
BHR Hollywood Reports.......Lil’ Kim and rapper Mr. Papers are about to celebrate their daughter, Royal Reign’s, first birthday in just over a week.

Royal Reign
 But instead of this being a happy time for the family, it appears that the couple may be gearing up for a vicious fight with each other over custody of Royal.

Mr. Papers let fans know via Instagram that he was “ready” to get lawyers involved in what could have been their huge custody battle.

Lil Kim 
He shared an old photo of the small baby over the weekend. He added the caption, “#TBT my lil mami…My lil mini me…miss princess royal..Miss u so much mama…Daddy coming for u!!! She look like daddy smell like daddy smile like daddy…We ready! my lawyer ready!

While he feels pretty good about taking legal action, fans gave him mixed responses about publicizing that he’s taking the mother of his child to court.

“Work it out with Kim. No father should be away from their child ESPECIALLY daughter BUT we live in a country where justice doesn't matter depending on the judge.”

Still, another added, “I hope u get visitation. Every child needs to know their dad. Fight for ur rights…”

But some called out Lil Kim for possibly keeping Mr. Papers away from their child.

One encouraged Mr. Papers and said, “so sorry to hear that I hope that Kim can have a change of heart” while another simply wrote, “Lawyer…Wow”.

Another follower blasted Lil Kim with, “Another woman keeping a man from his baby smh” as another wrote, “I’ll never understand why women purposely do that.”

Royal Reign will celebrate her first birthday on June 9.

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