"California Roll" Rapper Snoop Dogg Files A Lawsuit Against Pabst Brewing Co.

 Snoop Dogg Files A Lawsuit Against Pabst Brewing Co.
BHR Hollywood Reports........On Monday, Snoop Dogg filed a lawsuit against the Pabst Brewing Company, alleging the company violated his 2011 endorsement deal for Colt 45 Blast.

Snoop Dogg
In a lawsuit filed on June 8, the "California Roll" rapper claims that part of the deal was that he would 10% of the sale price if Pabst Brewing Co. ever sold Colt 45.

Last night, Pabst responded to the lawsuit by offering to just, like, talk it out, guy.

“We have not been contacted by Snoop Dogg or his representatives about this issue,” a Pabst
spokesperson told Reports.

“We are investigating the matter and would be happy to talk to Snoop or his representatives to try to get to the bottom of this.”

In 2014, Colt 45 was acquired by Oasis Beverages in a $700 million deal, and Snoop is wanting a percentage of Colt's take-away from the deal.

Guess Snoop still has his mind on the money and the the money on his mind.  

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