Formal View Co-Host Sherri Shepherd Questions Khloe Kardashian About Her Plastic Surgeon

 Formal View Co-Host Sherri Shepherd Questions Khloe
Kardashian About Her Plastic Surgeon 
BHR Hollywood Reports..........Sherri Shepherd took it upon herself to send out a backhanded compliment to the curvalicious Khloé Kardashian on Wednesday, inquiring about the reality star's plastic surgeon. The trouble started when the comedienne posted a picture of a botched butt job that made her reconsider going under the knife.
She wrote:
Khloe Kardashi

"WARNING - GRAPHIC! Every time I think about going to the doctor for a consultation about getting a plumper butt I run across a 'this is what can go wrong" pic! Ladies stop going to these basement/back alley folks. It's not worth a few selfies & Instagram shots - gotta ask @khloekardashian where she got hers (she obviously went to someone legit)"
"interesting... one comment where I add Miss @KhloeKardashians name and it sets off a firestorm w her fans.

 Almost about to delete this post bc I don't have time for childish behavior and rude name calling - I referenced Khloe because she obviously went to a legit doctor as opposed to the back alley person who did the botched job on the left.

Sherri Shepherd
 All folks and tabloids trying to start 'mess' because of a slow news day - calm down. And those fans that feel the need to jump to Khloe's 'defense' there is no reason to. Besides she is grown and has been in this business a long time, she understands how things work - we all do #calmdown and #breathe. I'm a comic and it ain't that serious.

#publicserviceannouncement #khloesokay

Shepherd eventually took the post down, but not without having the last word.

"I deleted post re big badonka donks, injections & @khloekardashian," she wrote on Twitter. "It's time I start a Twitter war w @Oprah - her money ain't real! #relax."

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