Actress And Model Maia Campbel Manager Blast "Fix My Life" Star Iyanla Vanzant For "Closing The Doors" On Maia When Asked For Help

Maia Campbel Manager Blast "Fix My Life" Star Iyanla
Vanzant For "Closing The Doors" On Maia When Asked For Help
BHR Hollywood Reports......Somewhere along the road and rough terrain, Iyanla Vanzant’s fixing went flat (let Maia Campbell’s people tell it).

If you remember (two years ago), troubled actress Maia Campbell agreed to be apart of an epi of Iyanla Vanzant’s “Fix My Life” where Iyanla (who too claims to have been a friend of/known personally) Maia’s mom: (the late) best selling author Bebe Moore Campell 72-Hour Hold.
Maia Campbell

A statement was released onto Maia’s social media page by her manager confirming that Maia is indeed going through some things that rather than exploit and laugh at her about, prayers “help,” and well wishes would be greatly appreciated.

In the statement, the manager stated that Maia needed additional help and reached out to people who turned their backs on her.

After a series of disturbing videos of the former "In The House" star surfaced online in the past weeks, Campbell's management company, The Corey Group, LLC took to her Instagram page to plead for help and accused Vanzant of turning her back.

She wrote: 
"Family, friends, and all supporters, thank you for all the support and prayers. Recently my client Maia Campbell has been exploited horribly.

Many people know the battles and issues this young lady has encountered.

We ask that we all come together to pray for her, to help her, love her and uplift her. People judge not knowing the full story of someone's trials.
Maia Campbell And Iyanla Vanzant

Maia felt she needed additional help and reached out to many people who turned their back on her. Maia contacted Iyanla Vanzant personally asking for help and support and the door was slammed in her face.

People that loved and respected or said they'd be there or 'call me anytime', ignored those calls. How about instead of exposing her, we put it in our hands and get her the help she needs.

Oprah Winfrey 
Also, thank you Brandy, Monica, Missy Elliott, Lil Kim, Yandy Smith, The Skorpian Show, and many others who have loved on her, it meant more than you'd ever realize.

 We can not afford to lose another life due to neglect of helping someone. Please tag @IyanlaVanzant and @Oprah.

Let's take this into our hands and make a difference.

 God is real and there is no problem he can't solve. God we ask for your continual covering over her life. Hashtag #helpmaia and support.

Vanzant has yet to respond to Campbell's manager's claims. 

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