Mariah Carey's brother ''Morgan Carey'' Fears That His Sister Will Die Just Like Whitney Houston

Mariah Carey's brother ''Morgan Carey'' Fears That His Sister
 Will Die Just Like Whitney Houston
BHR Hollywood Reports.......Mariah Carey's brother fears that his sister "will die just like Whitney Houston."

Morgan Carey claims that he has never seen his superstar sister sober, and even makes the shocking accusation that she drank throughout her 2011 pregnancy.

Her alleged alcohol addiction, according to her brother, is so bad she could end up like Whitney Houston.
Mariah Carey

“(She) pushed away the only people who’ve been trustworthy,” Morgan also said.

“If my sister turns up dead … I’m not going to look the other way! Anyone who’s filling her glass is jeopardizing her life!” We hope these two can speak privately about this situation, and finally mend these wounds.

Morgan is also worried about the alleged cocktails of pills, he claims she takes daily.
Mariah And Morgan Carey
While Morgan may be slamming his sister in the National Enquirer, Mariah recently put American Idol on blast, calling it a “fake” show.

On May 27, Mariah spoke out where she revealed, “That was the worst experience of my life.

” As we previously reported, those at American Idol feel her comments are SO out of line.

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