Things Got Turned Up Between Nene Leaks, Wendy Williams And Her Husband Kevin Behind The Stage At The Women Expo In Atlanta GA

Things Got Turned Up Between Nene Leaks, Wendy Williams And Her
 Husband Kevin Behind The Stage At Atlanta GA
BHR Hollywood Reports.......Vegas wasn't the only place that hosted fights and drama this weekend.

 Atlanta was the home of cattiness and backstage drama at the Women's Expo on Sunday.

And it's all due to the long standing beef between NeNe Leakes and Wendy Williams.

NeNe And Gregg Leaks 
 "RHOA" star NeNe Leakes had a busy Sunday.

 In addition to Part 2 of the "Real Housewives of Atlanta" reunion , NeNe spent the day back home in Atlanta inspiring her female fans at the Atlanta Women's Expo.

Wendy Williams And Kevin Hunter 
And equally as busy avoiding Wendy Williams and her husband Kevin Hunter, apparently.

According to the Expo's website, NeNe gave her keynote address at the Georgia World Congress Center at 1:30p, immediately after Wendy Williams gave hers at 1p.

By the time NeNe hopped on a plane and jetted to NYC for Sunday night's LIVE taping of "WWHL (Watch Whats Happen's Live)," the innanets were burning up with rumors of a verbal altercation at the Expo between NeNe and Wendy's team.

We didn't think it was all that surprising because the two ladies have been on the outs ever since NeNe read Wendy about her breaking their truce when Wendy came for her on "The Wendy Show."

Our source on the scene says there were indeed rumblings of some drama between the two as the Expo went on.

NeNe then explained on "WWHL" what went down.

SHE says it was all Kevin Hunter.

  She never saw Wendy or her husband at the expo...but apparently, according to NeNe, Kevin was up and arms and going OFF backstage all because NeNe was on stage.