R&B Singer Miguel Is Being Sued For Kicking A Woman At 2013 BillBoard Music Awards

R&B Singer Miguel Is Being Sued For
 Kicking A Woman At 2013 Billboard Music Awards
BHR Hollywood Reports....Miguel is being sued for an incident that happened at the Billboard Music Awards two years ago.

Cindy Tsai claims Miguel landed on her head, which resulted in a major injury.


Tsai is suing Miguel and the MGM Grand hotel where the 2013 Billboard awards took place for negligence and is seeking damages to cover medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.
Tsai is among two women who claimed they suffered serious injuries from Miguel's violent stage dive on their heads during the 2013 BBMAs.

Don Mischer

Miguel practiced his botched stage dive twice in rehearsal, according to the singer's representative at the time.
Report sources connected to the Billboard Music Awards who claim that the show's executive producer Don Mischer personally spoke to the singer after rehearsals and told him not to attempt the leap during the live program.
 However, Miguel's spokesman has denied the claim.

He said: "The reports claiming that Miguel was warned by producers not to jump are completely false." The  producers asked when he was going to attempt the jump to make sure cameras were in the right position to catch the action.

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