Producers Of Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Creates A "No Fighting Policy"

Producers Of Love And Hip
Hop Of Atlanta Creates A "No Fighting Policy"
BHR Hollywood Reports.......“Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” is undeniably one of the most violent reality series on TV, which is something that has drawn fans seeking that ratchet element to VH1 every Monday night.

But it looks like the days of big brawls on “LHHA” are over because reports have revealed that there’s a “no fighting” rule for the cast.

Producers reportedly made their way down to the ATL two weeks ago for an emergency meeting with the cast and made them sign documents agreeing that they would refrain from throwing punches.

If the cast members do break the new rule and end up fighting, they will immediately be cut from the episode without pay and be suspended.

The cast may even face termination for fighting.

Not surprisingly, the sources say that the cast is now resorting to yelling matches instead of actual boxing matches.

And who could blame them considering they finally stand to make less money for being extremely volatile on TV.