Auburn Mall in Alabama 'Racially profiled' Real Housewives of Atlanta "Claudia Jordan" and R&B Legend Ginuwine caught on video

Auburn Mall in Alabama 'Racially profiled' Real Housewives of Atlanta
"Claudia Jordan" and R&B Legend Ginuwine 
BHR HollyWood Reports........ Claudia Jordan and R&B Super Star Ginuwine along with unterage was approach by mall security that they couldn't wear sun glasses in the mall.

There were no signs saying that sun glasses were not allowed.

Meanwhile we saw 2 white women and a white man wearing sunglasses who were not harassed or even approached.

photo by Hispanic News Network USA
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Cludia Jordan!!  What kind of BS us this?!!!!! This was the second security guard that the other white security guard sent to "handle us" after the first one harassed us 1 minute after we walked thru the door of the AUBURN mall. He followed us demanding I take my sunglasses off. There were no signs stating "sunglasses were prohibited" this was so blatant. I thought it was a joke at first then shit got real.

Never go to the Auburn Mall if you're a minority and you chose to wear sun glasses. Clearly it's against the law if you are black.

Please do NOT tell me racism is dead. I'm a classy, educated woman with no criminal record simply wanting to shop in the local mall who was harassed by punk ass mall security and police were called. The message is clear- our KIND was not welcomed here and they are willing to use any excuse to get us all the way up outta there. Way to go Auburn Mall!

Jordan was in the area with Ginuwine who was performing in Opelika that same night. Jordan claims she saw white patrons wearing sunglasses inside of the mall who were not stopped.

Video by Deldrick Chicity Redd on Friday, May 8, 2015
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