12yr Old Tamir Rice Has Yet To Be Laid To Rest After His Death 6 Months Ago And His Mother Is Now Homeless

12yr Old Tamir Rice Has Yet To Be  Laid To Rest
After His Death 6 Months Ago And His Mother Is Now Homeless 
BHR Hollywood Reports.......It took police officers less than two seconds to fatally shoot Tamir Rice after they sped up to the 12-year-old boy while he was playing with a toy gun in a park across the street from his home.

Yet the investigation into the shooting has now dragged on into its fifth month.

Tamir’s mother Samaria
 After the City Of Cleveland asked the Rice family to halt their wrongful death civil lawsuit until the official investigation is concluded, new details of the family's hellish reality have emerged.

The Rice family claim they cannot halt their lawsuit because they're worried crucial evidence could be lost.

In fact, they have yet to bury Tamir because they're unclear if there will be a need for additional medical examinations.

And Tamir’s mother Samaria moved into a homeless shelter in mid-January because she couldn't stand living next door to the " killing field" where her son was murdered.

Tamir Rice 
The Rice family’s attorney, Walter Madison, said the family is waiting for the investigation to be completed rather than be subjected to the very possible exhumation of his body as part of the Cleveland Police Department’s investigation.

 The cost of the storage of his body is $75 per day and already the bill stands at more than $18,000, a cost the family will ultimately have to pay.

It boggles the mind that the investigation is taking so long since the death of the young child took only a few seconds and was captured on video.

 So far there has been no explanation by police regarding what is causing the delay in the investigation.