Oscar-Winning Actress And Comedienne Mo'Nique Shares Thoughts On LGBT Community

Oscar-Winning Actress And Comedienne
Mo'Nique Shares Thoughts On LGBT Community 
BHR Holllywood Reports......Oscar-winning actress and comedienne Mo'Nique throws the word "baby" around a lot—as a term of affection, for comedic effect, and when discussing motherhood of her own children and onscreen spawn.

In Blackbird--which she also executive produces--Mo’Nique plays a mother in the deep South who struggles with her son’s homosexuality, among other family dynamics.
Monique In The Movie Blackbird

 But the theme of homophobia in the church and parents failing to accept their children simply because of their sexuality is one that pervades the film. Not only does it serve as the major thread in the film, but it’s something families are dealing with across the globe.

Mo’Nique, in particular, is passionate about the topic of love and acceptance. In an exclusive chat ,“The Parkers” star explains how growing up the LGBT community exhibited a love toward her they often did not receive themselves from others.

 Seeing lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people being denied and
rejected is something the mother of three says breaks her heart.

Monique In Black Bird 
With Blackbird--which blows the lid off how communities think of homosexuality and the church--Mo’Nique says she hopes people, mothers in particular, will see that above all else, love is love no matter how you splice it.

"Thanks, to all of you," she shared, "because there was a time before anybody knew who this fat little girl from Baltimore named Mo'Nique was, but there was a community of folks that embraced me and loved on me, baby.

Julian Walker
 It was a kind of love I never experienced before from strangers, so Blackbird is truly my love letter to that beautiful community."

The Mississippi-set feature, adapted by Polk and co-screenwriter Rikki Beadle Blair ( Stonewall ) from Larry Duplechan's novel, stars openly gay newcomer Julian Walker as Randy, a Black Christian 17-year-old with an amazing voice, open-minded school friends—and a tumultuous home situation.
Rikki Beadle Blair

 His younger sister disappeared without a trace five years ago, and Randy's deeply religious mother, Claire ( Mo'Nique ), doles out
love, grief and homophobia-induced abuse in equal doses. Dad (Isaiah Washington ), now separated from Claire, maintains a distance.

And then there are Julian's nightly wet dreams about other boys, including a new and assured gay student, Marshall.

While discussing Blackbird , Mo'Nique also touched upon her friendship with Precious director Lee Daniels—whose recent claims she was "blackballed" in Hollywood for not promoting Precious have caused a rift between the pair—as well as her upcoming performance as lesbian singer Ma Rainey opposite Queen Latifah in HBO's May premiere biopic about queer blues legend Bessie Smith, entitled Bessie.