Former NFL New England Patriots Player Aaron Hernandez Is Sentenced Life For 1st Degree Murder

Former NFL New England Patriots Player Aaron
 Hernandez Is Sentenced Life For 1st Degree Murder 
BHR Hollywood Reports.......After 10 weeks of hearing testimony from 135 witnesses and viewing hundreds of pieces of evidence, the jurors in the murder trial of Aaron Hernandez

revealed the key moments that helped them convict the former NFL star of the murder of Odin L. Lloyd including a statement made during the defense team’s closing argument.
Odin L. Lloyd 

“We were all shocked,” one juror said, when the defense acknowledged that Hernandez was at the industrial yard in North Attleborough when 27-year-old Lloyd was shot to death.

The jurors, in an unusual press conference held after the verdict Wednesday, said the admission helped corroborate the other evidence against Hernandez that jurors heard over the 10-week long trial.

Prosecutors steadily built a circumstantial case, because they had no murder weapon or clear motive to bolster their first-degree murder charge against Hernandez.

The 1st-degree murder conviction carries a lifetime sentence
Aaron Hernandez 
without parole. He was also found guilty of firearm and ammunition charges.

The former New England Patriots tight end will serve a life sentence without the possibility of parole for the murder of the 27-
year-old landscaper.

 He was found guilty of unlawful firearm possession and unlawful ammunition possession even though there were no eyewitnesses and no murder weapon was recovered.

Hernandez’s mother, Terri Hernandez; and fiancée, Shayanna Jenkins, cried when the verdict was handed down.