Former NBA Star Gary Payton Is Being Sued On Grounds Of Assault By Trishtan Williams

Former NBA Star Gary Payton Is Being
 Sued On Grounds Of Assault By Trishtan Williams 
BHR Hollywood Reports.....Hall of Famer Gary Payton is being sued by a woman who claims the former NBA star physically assaulted her during a vacation in Seattle, only he's calling foul.

The website reported Monday night that it had obtained a copy of the lawsuit filed by Trishtan Williams.

Gary Payton
Ms. Williams accompanied Mr. Payton to an awards ceremony in Seattle, where he had spent much of career, before the night went sour.

“According to the suit, Gary and Trishtan went to a local bar — where she claims Payton shoved her over something she said. Williams did not say exactly what set Payton off.

 Eventually, Williams claims they got in a car to leave together and he assaulted her again. Williams says Payton struck her a third time when they got back to their hotel room,”

Ms. Williams has since acquired celebrity feminist lawyer Gloria Allred and filed the suit, which is seeking a ton of money.

Payton has yet to speak out about the lawsuit.