Award-Winning Producer And Entertainer Teddy Riley Accuses Chauncey Hannibal (Blackstreet Band Member) Of Fraud, And Want To Place A Restraining Order Against Him

Teddy Riley Accuses Chauncey Hannibal Of
 Fraud, And Want To Place A Restraining Order Against Him 
BHR Hollywood Reports..... Award-winning producer and entertainer Teddy Riley is accusing his former Blackstreet bandmate Chauncey Hannibal of fraud, and is now seeking a restraining order against him.

According to reports, the request for protection comes just a few months after Riley, 47, filed a lawsuit against Hannibal accusing him of stealing the trademark to the band’s name in an effort to procure any future profits without paying him.

He is demanding the court allow him to use the Blackstreet name to book shows until a final decision is reached.

In the suit, Riley claims Hannibal allowed the trademark renewal application to expire, so he could file for it on his own.

Teddy Riley
 Hannibal allegedly never informed him of the trademark’s expiration, and when Riley confronted him, Hannibal agreed to add him to the registration. Riley then handed over $90,000 to be added, but he never was.

He goes on to claim that Hannibal is jeopardizing concert deals by not adding him to the trademark.

The filing points to Riley’s failed negotiations to perform on the Tom Joyner Cruise, after Hannibal sent a cease and desists notice to the cruise organizers warning them not to allow Riley to perform under the “Blackstreet” name.

Riley believes that if he is not granted a restraining order against his ex-mate that the Blackstreet brand “will die and will no longer be worth anything.”

Founded by Riley and Hannibal in 1991, Blackstreet is best known for their hit singles “Before I Let You Go”, Don’t Leave Me”, “Take Me There” , and their Billboard chart-topping number one hit “No Diggity” featuring Dr. Dre and Queen Pen.

Hannibal has yet to respond to the filing.