Rapper Trina Gets An Apology From Comedian Luenell For Starting Pregnancy Rumors About Her

Rapper Trina Gets An Apology From Comedian
Luenell For Starting Pregnancy Rumors About Her 
BHR Hollywood Reports.......Trina performed on Tom Joyner’s fantastic voyage in a very cheap looking, homemade, glitter type of dress that just didn’t fit her right. As everyone is used to Trina always looking smoking hot, the cruise crowd assumed that the belly bulge protruding from the entertainers outfit was indeed a baby bump.

Comedian Luenell
One of those people in the audience, comedian Luenell was filming as whispers started going around the crowd that Trina must be preggo.  So Luenell hopped on instagram to congratulate and announce the news…

"At this time, there is no truth to the post from comedian, Luenell. Trina is not pregnant at this time... This was assumed due to how the performance dress Trina wore that night [fit on her curves].
Rapper Trina

Trina is single, and is currently focused on the preparation of her anticipated 6th studio album being released alongside with the artistic development of her first female artist off her record label imprint #RockstarrMusicGroup Britney T @OfficialBriBeauty. Amongst other endeavors, Trina is significantly busy focusing on her new direction as a business woman withing Music and beyond."

My Dearest @trinarockstarr @theybfdaily let me take this opportunity 2 Bow Down and DEEPLY apologize for falsly congratulating u on my erroneous post about ur NON-Pregnancy. While I was also complimenting you on how Smoking Hot you looked, I (and others on the #fantasticvoyage15) have obviously mis-heard and or mis-understood and jumped the gun. I know that our Other rap sister is w/child and possibly got the two of you mixed up n my excitement of all the events going in during my fabulous adventure of which u were a great part of. Please accept my sincerest apology snd I will fact check my brain and my mouth, in the future no matter How many Pina Colodas are involved. You remain The Baddest Chick and i wish u nothing but the best in the future. Sincerely….